Friday, February 26, 2021

1:00 p.m.

Western State Bank Expo Center

11333 Hwy 283

Dodge City, KS 67801

Selling Over 165 Performance-Tested Angus Bulls & 12 Select Females

7th Annual Production Sale!

DVAR Huckleberry 871

Elite Top 1%: $Beef, $Maternal, Rib Eye EPD, $Angus x Holstein, $Combined, Docility EPD

2%: $Angus x Jersey, Claw Set EPD, Residual Avg Daily Gain EPD

3%: $Feedlot, $Grid

We are excited to share the best of our herds with you! Individually, some of us have been selling Angus bulls for almost 25 years, and as a group, we've been collaborating for over 5 years.


We care about the same things you do! Year after year we select for strong maternal traits, balanced with effective carcass data. We don't follow the trends because we are loyal to the proven factors that produce powerful, balanced Angus herds: calving ease, marketable ribeyes, gentle disposition, moderate frames, and solid structure. This year's crop of bulls is evidence of our dedication to these high standards.


We're excited to see the best of our herds going to work for your herd. See you at the sale!



SouthWest Angus Genetics